Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keeping Busy!

I have definitely become a sewing addict! My housework and children have been a little neglected over the last couple of weeks while I have been doing custom orders and trying new projects.
Attempt #2 of cute fleece hoody.
I have since pulled the hood off and made it come together in the front.

Attempt #1 at fleece hoody:

And I am finally happy with attempt #3! It is about a size 3T and now I will be trying to make some smaller ones.
My helpful little model:
Another model in my mink hat! This one sold quickly.
Otter with moose and rabbit trim:
White rabbit and pink leather. I also made another pair out of grey rabbit and purple leather.
Seal, moose and rabbit trim:
Black seal, red leather and rabbit trim:
And my new favorite mitten- Lynx!! The lynx was bought off of a local trapper. They have moose leather and rabbit trim.
Seal, moose and rabbit trim:
Cavan trying out the lynx mitts!


Ann said...

Your creations are beautiful. You are so talented.

I am the same way with quilting right now - everything else gets neglected. Brian knows I'm a maniac for a while, but will soon return to normalcy. In the meantime I dream about quilting and want to get up at 3:00 am just to finish something off. I don't, but I want to. LOL

Anonymous said...

You are very talented Kara, everything looks great. I LOVE LOVE the rabbit with pink leather....may just have to leave this page open so that Corey 'happens' upon it:)