Sunday, December 26, 2010

How I Ruined the Surprise

I guess my presents every year. Every single year. Well sometimes I cheat and peek, like the year I saw my GT in my parents closest. But most of the time I know exactly what I am getting. My husband says it doesn't help that I make up wish lists with only one or two items on them.

This year was different. I completely cheated months ago and bought myself a new leather sewing machine and said Merry Christmas to myself. I was expecting nothing other than a few items in my stocking, like earrings, because of that purchase.

I had decided a number of months ago that I would really like a new camera. My husband said ours was perfectly fine and was completely unwilling to pitch in the funds to buy one. So I saved up my mitten making money and was all gung-ho to nab a new one on a Boxing Day sale. I was impressed that I had saved up the funds since I am known for letting my money burn a hole in my pocket.

Well online Boxing Dale sales start on the evening of the 24th and I was going through all of the websites I had favorited seeing which store had the best deal on. Finally I decided on the store and was about to punch in my VISA card and make my purchase. I was pretty darn giddy! Then my hubby yelled at me to get off of the beepity-beeping computer and something along the lines of who the frack does online Boxing Day shopping on Christmas Eve. Hmmmm... what is this?

Well it turns out that there was a rather large conspiracy taking place! Matt, along with my parents and his parents, had decided to buy me a present, not for Christmas, but for losing 50lbs during the last year. I had been harassing my parents that they should get me something to celebrate my weight loss- ahahah I will pull anything to get more presents! I wanted a new gun to shoot coyotes and had my fingers crossed that I could sucker my dad into buying it for me. So I figured if anything I would get a new gun in the near future. I had no inkling that a new camera was in my house!!

I am impressed with my husband. Not only did he order something online, he asked the post office workers to call him when it came in so I wouldn't pick it up with the mail. He also told many of my friends to make sure I wouldn't buy it if I was with them and shopping. He had also gone to a lot of work wrapping it all disguised in a huge box filled with text books and random items that would jingle if I shook it. The plan was that the gift would sit there to be opened last just to drive me nuts.

But instead he cursed at me that nothing is ever a secret in this house and then he brought out the box early. Of course I had a big grin on my face when I figured it out. Then my brain also went right to work on figuring out what my mitten making money could go to next (well it went to memory cards, a fox, a fox headband that I want to copy, a raccoon, rabbit fur, beaver fur, a wolf and coyote that need to be tanned, and a new camera bag with money still left!).

Thank you so much Matt, Mom and Dad, Jonna and Les, and everyone else that was in on this. I love my new camera and appreciate all of the work that was done to keep this a secret. Sorry I ruined the surprise! *grin*

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