Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Winter is most definitely here in the Yukon and it has been for a while. We are currently in the middle of a cold stretch that has kept temperatures between -20C and -40C for the last couple of weeks. The kids and I are going a bit shack-wacky, as my husband calls it! Thank goodness the rec centre has been open so we can go and let the kids run off their extra energy.

We are almost all ready for Santa to arrive. Tomorrow we will bake cookies for Santa and his reindeer and I still have a few more presents to wrap. First I need to get tape from the store. I let the kids go through four rolls of tape one day so I could do more sewing. I figured it was pretty cheap entertainment! They had a blast wrapping themselves up, chasing the cats, and sticking it to anything they could find.

The cold weather seems to bring out the creativity in our house. Today the boys were playing with an old fishing reel. It was turned into a helicopter, a train and a camera. Yesterday we had a sock fight with all of the mis-matched socks. We need to find some fun ideas for today since it is a frosty -37C outside. A friend suggested putting arms through plastic bags and running around the house pretending they are parachutes. I think it will be a hit in this house! Perhaps that will entertain the boys long enough that I can get to a couple more projects in my sewing room.

So that is it! Nothing much exciting in the Went household this week. The build up to the holidays are always very low key and relaxing at our home. Now I just have to wait patiently for presents!

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Ann said...

Watch them with those parachutes...knowing your boys they will really think they can fly and will launch themselves over the railing.
Just give them an empty box and let them go crazy.