Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Craft Time with Boys

We haven't left the house all day and here are some photos of what we have done to entertain ourselves so far:

Boys and craft time don't really mix. Cavan found one of the smelly markers and thoroughly enjoyed it:

He also bit the nubby end off of the green marker- check out the green lips and teeth:

Mommy got creative today and made 26 fish out of cereal boxes, coloured paper and magnets. Fishing rods were once cat toys and a have a washer attached at the end of the line. Each fish has a different letter of the alphabet on it. The boys loved catching fish!

And then the game just turned to trying to catch/hit each other:

I got crafty again with a small fleece pull-over:

My unimpressed son modeling it for me. I believe he is telling me to frak off, that purple is not really his colour and this isn't his size at all.
And an hour today was spent playing in a dark room with glow in the dark bracelets. We pretended we were camping as well as landing a plane. Fun times with little boys.