Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glad to be out of Whitehorse

On Friday Matt and I did a quick run into Whitehorse just for the day and I was reminded over and over again why I am happy I don't live in the city. There were the grumpy shoppers, horrible drivers, and the rush rush rush of people everywhere.

I love my quiet life far away from the hustle and bustle of town. Reading other blogs lately I see a number of people who have moved to Whitehorse from the south having troubles adjusting to small city life and I honestly just cannot understand what they are going through having never lived down south or in a large city.

Going into any store during the holiday season completely overwhelms me as well. We keep our holidays quite low key and focus more on visiting friends and family than spending all of our money on crap. Any why do most of the shoppers have to be in such a foul mood? I though one woman was going to yell at Matt in Extra Foods when our cart rolled into her way while we were loading our coolers at the check out. And then there was the woman who gave me a death glare when I said excuse me please may I get by in the craft aisle at Walmart. Of course we always smile and tell the grumps to have a great day.

Thankfully we did still find some happy people hidden amongst the foul ones. The lovely greeter at Walmart full of cheer and humour and the guy who let our truck into the line of traffic with a big grin and a wave.

I am thankful we live a quiet life far from the city and that we feel content with what we have.


Aida said...

i cant imagine living in the big city, yes its nice with the perks but i love that today i drove Ava to her swimming lesson and the road was dead and a traffic jam here = 10

Erica said...

Having lived in some really big cities, I can see why some people coming from the south might see Whitehorse as small. Of course, I became bushed enough in my first two months here that WH generally terrifies me, and I'm kind of getting worried about going back to Ontario for a few weeeks - my hometown is bigger than WH.

Whenever I start to think Faro is maybe a bit too small, I remember that day I was sick, and you noticed because my truck wasn't in the parking lot at work, and you brought me dinner. That would never happen in the city, and I'd rather have that than not ^_^

dogsled_stacie said...

After spending a few days in Toronto back in Oct., I have a new appreciation for our "traffic" and "people in a rush"!! That said, it doesn't matter how many people there are, if most of them are cranky and grumpy it isn't fun! Xmas always seems to stress people out, it's weird.

Way Way Up said...

City life is over-rated at times.

Murray said...

It's all a matter of one's perspective, isn't it? For the 7 yaers I lived in Carcross, I avoided the big city of Whitehorse as much as possible. Even visits to really big cities didn't change my perspective enough to make my 2 years in the Granger subdivision palatable, but now that we're out of the city on acreage, we get what I think is the best of both worlds - seclusion with easy access when we want it. Shopping in Whitehorse is MUCH easier if you reemember that most people don't get moving until 11am or so - mornings are quiet everywhere. That's not just a Yukon thing - we found the same in Florida last month - by noon we couldn't stand to be on the road or in a shopping area.