Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Wow is it ever cookin' in Faro! All week is going to be around +25C and above and we are taking full advantage of the beautiful weather. Last year we had a week of this and then the monsoon season started, so we have learned to enjoy it when we can.

Today was a busy day for us by Faro standards! I looked after a friends kid for an hour this morning while his mom went to an appointment. Then we were off to playgroup, which has moved outside for the rest of the month. Lunch and nap followed for me and the boys. I think my bed has more sand in it now than cat hair. What a mess!

Then I took the boys swimming at the pool! Well Cavan sat on the side in his bouncy chair and watched while I took Hunter in the water. Matt came to watch once he was done work and poor Hunter was so excited to see him he got out of the pool to run to him, slipped and smacked his head on the cement! He has a nice red goose-egg that will hopefully be gone by morning.

I think I might have some people around Faro wondering about how safe I am with the kids! I strapped the bouncy chair to the front of my quad for the ride down to the pool. Of course Cavan was not in it, but I wonder if people watching me ride around town thought otherwise if they were looking from another angle.

Then this evening we all worked in the backyard. Hunter and I picked 300 dandelions for me to experiment with. I found a recipe for dandelion syrup that I want to give a try. And Matt continued raking the never-ending crap out of our backyard.

I think I am going to sleep well after this busy day!


Matthew and Michele said...

An old receipt from the Maritimes didn't call it syrup they called it wine.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

If I wasn't boob feeding I think I would give the wine making a shot!!

Lana said...

you will have to let me know how the syrup turns out. Were you picking the flowers?

Tigger said...

Crazy! It sure doesn't take much to fill a day right up, does it?!?

yukonmusher said...

we aare stupid hot up in dawson as well, wish we had swimming holes near by. We have to haul water for us and the dogs from town and it is getting really frustraing to have to go into town everyday for water..really hoping for some cool soon.
See the smoke all around now from the forest fires..

freckles said...

It is so nice here for my first Yukon summer! We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for those forest fires.