Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health Centre Fun!

My kids love going to the health centre, and not just because Daddy works there! They are spoiled rotten at the health centre. Last week we went to a potluck lunch there, this week a chocolate fondue. Hunter feels right at home there and will hop right up onto the beds to let Matt poke and prod him with the gadgets. We figure it will help in the future if he ever gets sick and a nurse really needs to do those things. I walk through the door and barely see my kids.

At the end of last week I had an appointment for myself. The Nurse in Charge nabbed Cavan as soon as I walked into the HC. I peeked into her office at one point and there she is typing on her computer and the baby slung over her shoulder. Adorable! Then as I was trying to leave the HC, I see the nurse, the receptionist and the visiting doctor all giggling in the back. I peek around and they were taking picture of Cavan with this mitten that had animals on the fingers.

I got these on my email this week:

Check out how big Cavan is! I cannot believe he is just two months. He is already wearing his six month clothing.

So cute!


Tigger said...

Cutie pie!! And, yes, he is big! That is OK, Ezra has been wearing a few sizes bigger than he actually is for months! Right now I am telling the grandparents to not buy anything smaller than 24 months!!
Maybe it is a second baby thing...?!

jen said...

lol Awe that's too cute! I see Tallinn is one of the puppets, you'll have to make sure to tell him that he came all the way over from Nunavut just to see how cute he is lol.

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I'm sorry to tell you Kara, but that can't possibly be a two month old you have there....I would suggest finding out who has a really small 6 month old and doing a DNA test:) (but still super cute!!!!)