Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sibling Love.

Today Hunter decided to show Cavan his lawnmower.

I was in the bathroom.

Matt was putting stuff away in the baby room.

Cavan was on a blanket on the floor.

Hunter was driving his lawnmower.

We heard a squeal and a thud.

Yep. We are winning parent of the year award for 2009!

Hard to see here, but if you look up the centre of the picture there are tread marks going over Cavans head:

The lawnmower:

The tread that matches my baby's head!

This is just the start isn't it??


Anonymous said...

OH!!! Ow!!

My friend's daughter decided to put her baby sister in a cardboard box and push them both down the stairs because it would be fun. At the bottom the baby sister knocked out the only two teeth she had and the older one has a nice bump on the eye.

Yup... there's more to come!! LOL!!

Tina said...

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The fun is just beginning my friend.

In Iqaluit said...

Oh no! Poor Cavan!

I have two boys almost the EXACT same ages as your boys. So it is good to know I have company in between the sweet gestures and the not so sweet gestures!

lindsay Niedzielski said...

Yep, just starting - Paige decided she didn't like Hanna crawling away from her, so she grabbed her legs out from under her, and then proceeded to drag her all the way down the hall.....

Ladues of the North said...


Ladues of the North said...

whoops lol that thing forgot to put the rest of what I wrote.....It said that yes that was just a least it wasn't a real Poor guy, but no worries, he'll be the toughest little man around in no time!!

Aida said...

oh my, i am sorry i am laughing..evil mother i know.

yes its the beginning, once Cavan gets more mobile and Hunter figures this out, you will be wishing Cavan goes back in the but for most part they will be superbly best buddies. The kids are playing together nicely now while I am on the laptop.

Tigger said...

That is awesome! Peekaboo routinely grabs Ez by the foot while he is crawling, causing him to fall flat on his face. Or, she grabs him around the neck from behind and 'hugs' him until he is screaming for mercy! She also brings him his 'cozy blanket' and kisses's a love/hate thing!!