Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We leave on our month long vacation in just five days!! We spent this weekend doing odds and ends around the house so we are ready to head out.

Saturday we were outside all morning. Matt was siliconing our new windows and I loaded up the camper. Cavan slept in his little peapod tent that we just bought. Hunter played in his and ran around like a mad man in the yard.

Sleepy baby in his tent:

These little tents are great! They keep the bugs and sun off and your kid is contained:

Happy Hunter and his squirrel!

Matt getting ready to head up the ladder again. He got 7 of the 9 new windows done! The other two are really high and he absolutely hates heights. I think we will find someone else to do them for us.

Sunday afternoon was spent baking! I made 5 dozen cinnamon buns and 21 open road sandwiches (think huge buns filled with moose burger, cheese, and veggies).


Cavan was a dream baby this weekend. Here he is chillin' on his fancy baby mat- a towel!

Hunter eating lunch with his pup and squirrel in tow!!


indigo said...

ahh, love the new header!
Thanks Kara

Tigger said...

Cute pictures. Have a SAFE, Sane, Enjoyable journey!