Monday, June 8, 2009

I Have Started A Revolution!!

A wildcraft revolution!!

Since mentioning I was making dandelion syrup and rose petal jelly on here and facebook, people have been bombarding me with questions! I love it!

So far, two friends are in the middle of making their dandelion syrup. A woman here in Faro was making rose petal syrup today. And Sarah, The Yukon Musher up in Dawson, is going to try her hand at the rose petal jelly too!

If you are trying this too let me know how it goes! And feel free to ask me questions.

I had a problem with three of four batches of my rose petal jelly, so I called the jelly making trouble hotline! Yes, there is such a thing! I used powered pectin for those three batches and they went cloudy and a bit gritty. The woman on the hotline told me I can re-boil, add some liquid pectin and throw them into the jars again. Spiffy! If you are using the recipe I linked on my other post, use the liquid pectin (certo) instead. So I am going to do that tomorrow. Tonight I have another double batch of dandelion syrup on the stove almost ready to be bottled.


Tina said...

I actually found myself driving around town looking for wild rose bushes. And I've caught myself looking at all the dandlions around town, but just can't bring myself to try that.

Tigger said...

Peekaboo picks dandilions by the armful....but I am not sure how I feel about making them into anything edible!!

Way Way Up said...

Vive la Revolucion mi Amigo!!!

Io Quero Taco Bell!!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Tina and Tigger, you should really try it! So yummy!!

mmmmm, taco bell.... damn you Darcy!

yukonmusher said...

I have been out in the rose bushes and plan to be out again. I have been waiting 2 weeks now for jars to be in for canning, hopefully this weekend I will have some luck and get some jars.
Here is a sugestion from another jelly maker. Dandelion "grape" jelly. (or what ever flavour you want. add 1 tsp. of unsweetened koolaid. You can add yellow food coloring as well to inhance the Yello of the jelly. Dont know if it works, if any one trys it please let me know.

Gen said...

Sounds interesting but flowers don't do it for me.
However, ever since I tried your Nunavut Jam, which was so flavourful and much less sugary than traditional wild berry jams, I'm thinking up ways to make my next batches of berry jams without so much refined sugar. If it means freezing instead of canning then so be it. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hey, have you ever tried rooting wild roses by the way? I'd like to plant wild roses in the front yard but digging them up or rooting them for stems hasn't worked so far. Any ideas?

RachelW said...

We're making dandelion syrup here, too. Snap! :)