Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

People continually ask me how I have the time to do activities such as make dandelion syrup, or keep my house clean (yes mom and dad, my house is actually very clean!).

Well the reason for this is because I have the most amazing husband on the face of the planet. He is a devoted dad who loves spending time with his boys. Matt is the one who puts Hunter to bed every night, walks with Cavan to calm him down during his witching hour in the evening, cleans up the super pukes and the explosive poos. He has no problem taking Hunter for hours so I can have a break, especially in the evening after a busy day. His idea of a fun day is packing up the wife and kids on the quads to go exploring.

He is a wonderful husband who vacuums the floor for me most mornings and usually does all of the laundry so I will have more time to play with the kids during the day. While I pick rose petals, he entertains our boys in the bush. And most importantly, he keeps my hair-brained ideas in check. Most of the time... I did convince him to move to Nunavut before!

He is a true family man which I think is the most manly job a guy can have. Happy Fathers day to the best dad and husband. We love you!


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet Kara!! Lucky you to have such a great guy!! Does he have a twin by any chance?? LOL!!


PS: I would love to see you guys when you're up. That bbq sounds like a great idea!!

Megan said...

Happy Father's Day, Matt!