Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fish Release

Wednesday evening was rather eventful! We started the evening by attending the first Fire Side Chat of the season. The Chat is held at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre. Hotdogs, marshmallows and ice cream are provided and the community is invited to come down, eat, and visit! Splendid times and we are looking forward to the next one.

Hunter trying out a cone to transport the icecream to his mouth:

It was a hit!!

Then we headed 12km out of town to FishEye Lake to participate in releasing some nice baby trout!

On the shore of the lake:

Becoming brave enough to go into the lake:

Happy Toes!

Come on! Let me play with the fish already!!!!

Hunters newest sport: Dirt Swimming!

Telling me all about his fish:

Giving the fish a pep talk before their big adventure:

Cavan was there too!

Matt and his new little man:

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Tigger said...

Nice looking family you have there!!