Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why the cats hate us.

Not only have we left our kitties behind as we wait in Whitehorse for Skeletor to arrive, but our house is under construction!! We have lucked out in finding a contractor from Whitehorse and he is out continuing our renovations while we are out of the house. Perfect timing. The kitties are not as excited as we are I hear. Our contractor posted these pictures for me last night!

Living room with old, warped and hazardous fire place. Previous owners had used it to attempt to heat the house. Not exactly what these were put in for. And that funky ledge beside the fire place is the top of a closet in the foyer. It is so odd!

Look at the mess!!

Looking better!! Since we are taking all of that out, we were in a bit of a conundrum as to how to fix the floor. The whole top of the house is done in a beautiful laminate that of course is no longer available. So we are having it taken out of the kitchen where it shouldn't be in the first place, and using that to patch the area in the living room. Hopefully it works!

We have left an opening in the wall that will serve as a plant ledge! I would have loved to have opened it even more, but with Hunter the super climber and a long drop on the other side, most of the wall is being left in place for now.

My kitchen minus the laminate. We picked out this spiffy new flooring for there. It is a laminate too, but meant for kitchens. It is going to look great!!

I am so excited to get home and see all of this in person. And being the super planner I am, I have already hired a house cleaner to come in before I get home to clean up the dust and mess. Hurray! Now if only the baby would arrive....


Tina said...

Very smart re-using the laminate from the kitchen. I wasn't aware you could do that. Can't wait to see the final results. So is the contractor staying IN your house?

Fawn said...

I'm excited to see the "after" photos, too! (Hi Ryan!)

Allmycke said...

Removing the fireplace will be a great improvement - not to mention that they aren't exactly the best way to heat a house.
BTW - when I had passed my due date with my son, I got things started with 250 ml of Castor Oil... Works like a charm!

Megan said...

It is going to look great.

And I love that you're not afraid to put interesting colours on the walls. We've been in so many beige houses, I couldn't count them all.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Tina- yep, he is staying in our house. It is the same guy that did our windows and stayed there with us then. He is awesome!

Trudie- I think I will crack up if I go over my due date since Hunter was 8 days early!

Megan- I love my orange! But for some reason this tone really makes my pictures look orange if I take them in the living room!! So it is being repainted. Boooooo!

Courtney said...

kara, your house is going to look great. i also love those pics of little hunter with the dogs. i would like to copy and paste him right into my family! if only we could do that with babies.

love courtney