Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Being Spoiled!

My parents arrived in Faro just three hours after we did on Friday. Since then we have gotten so much done and been spoiled rotten!

My mother has been cooking enough food to feed an army. My freezer is filling with meals to make our lives easier over the next couple of months. Yesterday she made 20 loaves of bread and 6 dozen buns. Yum! She has also pulled apart most of the rooms in my house to de-hair them (kitties left on their own for a month sure do make a mess!) and get rid of the dry wall dust.

Dad and Matt have been hauling loads of garbage from the renovations to the dump. Yesterday though my poor dad was hit hard with the same stomach flu we had while we were in Whitehorse. So Matt took the time dad was down and out to fix the living room floor. We replaced the flooring in the kitchen so we could put it in the living room to repair where the fire place was. Matt did a great job and the room looks amazing.

Hunter has been playing with all of the new toys his Grandma and Grandpa brought him. He is having a wonderful time bonding with his grandparents, eating treats, and playing in our wonderful weather.

And I have been having quality time with my new rocking chair and Cavan! Life is good.


indigo said...

and is gramma teaching Hunter new swear words!! If I ever get to be a grandparent that will be pretty close to the top of the list; oh, and feeding the child the "forbidden" foods.

Enjoy the spoiling, you deserve it.

and the word verification is " lictions" as in "I think I'll have a few lictions with that" or "did you see my lictions" or maybe " but she always liked your lictions best!"

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

So far no new swear words!! But the forbidden foods are a hit of course.