Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun Day

I feel like I have been bitching and complaining way too much lately. I hate doing it, but some days I just need to vent on how frustrating it is to be away from home for so long.

So tonight I will tell you all about the great day I had today!

First off I had the best sleep I have had in weeks. Only two pee breaks, but I fell asleep quickly after each time.

The boy woke up happy as usual at 6:30; he is finally back on a great schedule. I love mornings with him, such a goofy little gopher. We went to a great playgroup today right here in Riverdale. If you live in Whitehorse and are looking for a place to let your kid aged 4 and under have a great time, head to Riverdale Baptist Church (15 Duke St.) on Thursdays at 9:30am. There were a lot of parents and kids there. I found everyone super friendly and Hunter had a blast running around with the other kids. Thank you to Gen and Heather for letting us know about that.

Hunter and I had a great nap this afternoon then we got to visit another blogger!! We went for coffee with Carole. We have met up with six different Yukon bloggers on this trip. I think I must hold some kind of record now!

We went on our usual walk this evening and had a great laugh at Hunter stomping in puddles. We forgot to put him into his boots, so he was wearing his little running shoes! At one point he was in a puddle that was half way up his shins and Matt had to rescue him. He didn't want to move!!

After our walk I decided I wanted steak! So my wonderful husband went to the store and bought me a prime rib steak which I happily fried up and scarfed. The boy went to sleep very easily and I got to watch some pathetic (but enjoyable) reality tv.

So a great day all around!

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