Monday, April 6, 2009

House Reno Update!

The house renovations are still going! I am so glad we are out of the house while these are going on. Everything is looking great.

Wall all fixed after the fireplace removal:

Looks so pretty!! And he is repainting for us. The orange was making any picture I took in the living room or dining room look funny. So sadly I am toning it down.

Look! Trim on the windows!! And check out my view. Seriously, I live in the best place ever.

Renovations left:
- new garage door
- window trim outside
- finish painting

I cannot wait to get home and see it all!


Tigger said...

Lookin' good! Very smart, having the reno done while you aren't home!
I am thinking about you!! How you feeling?

Anonymous said...

I bet your Mom is really upset you're getting someone besides her to do the work!! NOT!!! (I just couldn't resist!!!!)
Auntie H