Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The boy and mittens!

The boy has taken to a new smile. He closes his eyes now and makes an odd scrunched up face. What a nut!

New smile!

He can also dress himself... well sort of! Every morning, while in his pajamas, he puts on his winter boots, coat (backwards of course), and his hat. He is insistent that he wears his hat everywhere, even though it was +6 today, hat was still on. And of course the new smile:

Throwing a fake hissy fit on the floor. He is turning into a professional fake hissy fitter. Little rat.

My first try at a new mitten pattern! Love how these turned out. I am working on another pair with seal on top and they are looking wonderful!


Aida said...

nicely done..the mittens.

you aint seeing nothing yet with the fake

love his new smile..that is funny

Tigger said...

I used to say, to Peekaboo, "Faker, faker" and she would say "I'm not fakering!!!"