Saturday, April 4, 2009

New kitchen floor and a barfy boy.

My new kitchen floor is in!! I cannot wait to get home to see it.

And onto Mr. Barfy. The boy slept great all night, but when he woke up he was pretty darn cranky which is odd for him. Soon after he yakked a few times and went right back to sleep. He started to run a fever, so hurray for baby tylenol. He perked up in the early afternoon so Matt took him out for a nice walk in the stroller. Late this evening the fever came back, but the tylenol did the trick again. He went to sleep pretty easy tonight. Poor little kid though, he hasn't had a fever since he was probably 8 months old. He hasn't even had a cold in the last year, so this is hitting him pretty hard. Hopefully he is over this by tomorrow.


BunBun said...

Awe that is a shame. Being sick when your little is the sucky-est thing ever. Especially when you dont even get to take a day off school to be sick. You have to take time off from playing. Hope you feel better soon Hunter!

Yukongirl said...

Hope Hunter is feeling better today! The sunshine probably perked him up! :-)