Friday, April 10, 2009

New Garage Door

Since there is still no news on the baby front, I will continue with renovation updates!

Looks like our contractor will be done by tomorrow evening. He had a very busy week doing a heap of stuff for us. One of the projects we had was creating a new garage door that would help to keep heat in the garage! Our dining room and living room are right above the garage which gets just as cold as outside does, partially due to the crappy door that was on there. Now with a new door, we will be throwing an oil monitor heater into the garage to keep it above freezing. This should make the living room and dining room much warmer next winter.

The old garage door set up. There was a door on here, but it let in snow and was just done half-assed.

New garage door set up from the inside. Both doors open and that wooden beam in the middle can come out. This allows us to bring the quads into the garage if we need to work on them. It is also built up at the bottom to keep snow out. The old roll down door is still there and we will pull that out.

New garage door from the outside. So pretty!

Yesterday the contractor worked on putting up wood siding on the garage door, and trim around the outside of the windows. I will probably get pictures of that today.

Now I just have to call the house cleaner and have my house looking all beautiful for when we arrive home. So nice to spoil myself!!

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