Sunday, February 1, 2009

First pair of wrap moccasins.

Today I finished off a wrap moccasin. I still need to make its mate, but I thought I would start with just one in case I farked it up really bad. But, surprisingly, it turned out alright!

The person who asked me to make them had given me an old one to cut up as a pattern, although he had a number of adjustments and do-dads he wanted changed for the new pair. Hurray for that! He came over today to try it on and was impressed. So I will make the other one tomorrow. He actually wants two pairs, but I want him to wear the first pair for a while so I can make sure nothing falls apart. I am also making him two pairs of mittens.

My fingers are aching because I am using home-smoked moose hide that is quite thick. Trying to push the needle through the layers is a killer. Hurray for my thimble and masking tape! I wrap two of my fingers with masking tape for when I pull the sinew tight. If I don't, I end up cutting into my skin.

My husband and his sexy leg modeling the moccasin:


Fawn said...

Nice work! Have you asked any traditional sewers if they have any tricks for sewing through moosehide? Maybe there are special needles (or awls!) for it?

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Yep, I have the special needles and everything! I am just a wuss :)

Aida said...

is that it or there is more? i hv never seen one of those before so i am waiting to see your final product.

you know for those really thick part, if you hv a pair of pliers you can pull the needle out to the other side without hurting yourself :-)

indigo said...

one of the tricks I learned was to use a really large/leather needle on a sewing machine and without thread and the stitch size really spaced out I would run a bead of "stitches" where I needed to sew. That way I had at least holes in one thickness and they were/are uniform.

yukonmusher said...

can i post a link to your blog, about the mitts? mushers would love the warmth and the prices.

yukonmusher said...

i learned, take a triangle peice of factory moose hide (only this it good for :P) and cut a slot in the wide end, wrap around your finger and pull tigh on the hide, then the sinew does not cut your fingers up. always reajusting it, but cut sew a reall long one to over your finger, but I just use the scraps for this.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Hello Yukonmusher!!

Please do make the link! I have a couple more months of taking orders, then I will be busy with the baby.

Thanks for the tidbit on the piece of hide! I will have to try that out.

Aida- I am finishing them tonight, so I will post up a picture. That is all there is. You put a sorel liner inside and then use really long laces to wrap around and tie them. I will try and a get a picture of them on the owner all done up.