Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The best weight loss plan ever!

Just get pregnant!

Well it works for me anyways. I have lost four pounds in the last four weeks. Skeletor is doing a great job of reducing the size of my butt!!

I had lost about seven or so pounds when I first got pregnant, of course due to yakking and just not being hungry. Then I gained back about six, but now down again. When I was pregnant with Hunter I was ten pounds under when I was about to pop him out, so I am right along the same lines this pregnancy.

Only eight weeks (or hopefully less) to go!


Way Way Up said...

In my case, I should be reverse pregnant so I can gain a few pounds....although I suppose I already am reverse pregnant in which case.....crap....that doesn't work. Wait a minute! Why am I even discussing pregnant men in the first place. (Sigh).......must getting late in the evening.

I wish I was at the Lake said...

you're lucky - that never worked for me!! I'm still trying to get rid of my baby weight....8 years later!!!