Friday, February 27, 2009

So excited!

Tomorrow Matt is driving into Whitehorse to pick up our new quads! He is just going in and back on the same day, but I am too uncomfortable to do that, and it is hard on the boy. So Hunter and I will hang out here going nuts with the anticipation of our new toys.

My oven had a bit of a issue yesterday as well. The glass on the inside of the door shattered. And since the oven was horrible anyways, I took this as my excuse to get a new one. Matt will make a quick stop at The Brick and grab my new flat top stove. Hurray for easy cleaning! I think he panicked a little when I said I ordered a new fridge and dishwasher as well. Only in my dreams though!

Also on the list is pretty new window trim, paint for window trim, and timbits. Matt doubts the timbits will make it back to Faro alive. I will keep my fingers crossed!

So life is good as usual. I just need to make this incredible amount of snow disappear overnight so I can take my quad out this weekend. Send all thoughts of warmth my way please!


dogsled_stacie said...

If Matt valued his life, he BETTER make sure all those timbits make it back to Faro!!!!! Depriving his very preggo wife of the necessity of doughy goodness would be a very dangerous thing to do I would think!

Trish said...

People will ask him, 'what happened to your fingers? Frostbite?' and he would say, 'no, timbit deprivation'

Warm thoughts sent your way!

I wish I was at the Lake said...

he could try them out by plowing out our cabin on the way by--it's been a week after all, so there must be snow to plow!!