Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hunter and I were sitting at the computer checking our emails when he started saying "moo, moo" and pointing outside. Walking in the open area behind our house was a moose! Yep, I bet some of you thought he was talking about a cow! But this northern boy has yet to even see a cow other than in books! I think this is the same moose I have seen two other times around Faro in the last couple of weeks. Too dark to get a picture, but still light enough to watch it plow through the deep fluffy snow.

I love living in Faro!


I wish I was at the Lake said...

That is what i love about being at the cabin--we're on the doorstep of the wildlife's home!! It's one of the beauties of living in the Yukon!

indigo said...

dinner on the hoof!! where's yer gun??!!

No one place seems to have a monopoly on wild animals interfacing with urban culture. For example, I live in a southern community of 100,000, on a bus route up in the hills above the city proper (30 minutes downtown on the bus, 7 minutes by vehicle and 5 minutes on my bicycle - it is downhill all the way) and so far since returning south last spring I have seen in my back yard (postage stamp size) or between my neighbours house and mine a:

black bear

Way Way Up said...

Well, that's definitely one creature I don't expect to see outside my window anytime soon!

I did see a raven this morning though.


Way Way Up said...

Good thing he* didn't decide to wander on inside for a visit!

* I'll assign the moose a male gender as they always exhibit a stellar sense of direction.