Thursday, February 12, 2009

The kindness of strangers and the cleanliness of Super A

When Matt and our neighbour went behind the house to hook up to our trailer they had a bit of difficulty. The jack was frozen and could not be moved. At least it was frozen in the up position! So Matt found our little jack and some wood and was able to get the trailer high enough to hook it up to the truck. Matt threw some extra wood into the trailer along with the little jack so we could take the trailer off in Whitehorse.

That evening, of course it is dark, we bring the trailer in behind the hospital where we were allowed to leave it for the weekend. Matt was back there for about 1/2 an hour while I was entertaining the boy in the truck. Matt comes to talk to me and is pretty frustrated. He hadn't brought enough wood to get the trailer hitch high enough to get off of the truck! Right then a guy comes out of the building and comes up to talk to Matt. Seriously, the kindness of strangers always blows me away. His name was Dave and he was working maintenance for the hospital. He was staying in the apartment building there and had a jack stand and some wood that he allowed us to us for the whole weekend. He helped Matt get the trailer off and told us how to get ahold of him if we needed help throughout the weekend.

You know, we are the kind of people who always try to help others out. We don't expect anything in return. Some days you wonder if there is anyone else out there who would do the same. But of course there is. I read about other bloggers encounters with wonderful strangers that helped them out. Dave was our wonderful stranger of the weekend. Of course we had to thank him somehow... So we loaded up a Timmies card and gave it to him! So thank you Dave. We hope you are enjoying your many coffees! We really appreciated your assistance!


I was asked by another blogger about my experience of shopping at Super A Foods. It was excellent! We have been so frustrated shopping at Super Store. The shelves so many times are bare, there is no help to be had, and when there are only 2 cashiers and 50 people trying to check out, it is not much fun at all. Plus, their carts suck.

So this trip we opted to buy our big grocery order at Super A in Porter Creek. I was impressed on so many levels. The fresh produce was wonderful. The selection was pretty decent! I love buying those lettuce mixes in the plastic containers, but at Superstore they always seem to be expiring in two days. The ones at Super A were good for a week. The selection of fresh cut meat was awesome! I bought some great steak and hurray they had side pork to feed my crazy pregnancy side pork addiction. The shelves were fully stocked, neat and had great variety. The bathroom was clean and the cashier was so friendly!! They pack your groceries for you and even help you take them out to your vehicle.

It was more expensive by a bit. However, I thought it was worth it to have a stress free grocery shopping trip where I was able to get almost everything on my list!! They just did not have any mini go yogurts in containers that Hunter loves. But they did have them in tubes, and boy is that ever entertaining to watch the boy suck those back.

So we will be giving Super A our business in the future for sure!


deiss said...

I would like to shop at a grocery store called Super 12CXW74QQQQQQQQQQQ.

Carole said...

I'm not a fan of Superstore either, for the same reasons as you. Although I know that Extra Foods is owned by the same people, the service there is ten times better. Plus, I'm not exhausted by the miles of store aisles by the time I'm done.

Megan said...

Ugh! I hate the Superstore carts too! When we went to Whitehorse in September it was a nightmare trying to fit all our stuff into those carts (I think we needed 3!). They were also so hard to manoeuvre once you got anything with a bit of weight in there (kitty litter & pop!!).

deiss said...

You know, your "normal" readers probably think I'm a spammer and that makes me laugh.

Did you know at Super 12CXW74QQQQQQQQQQQ they sell helicopters? And guidelines for world domination? And the blueprints to build Wonder Girls HQ?

Trish said...

I always called Superstore the Stupidstore, childish, but it makes me feel a little better :-)