Friday, May 9, 2008

The Trip Down South

We left last week on Monday to drive back down to BC and get our camper. We had bought it along with our truck, but didn't want to move it up here in the middle of winter. After Matt was done working at the nursing station we loaded up our truck and our quad trailer and headed down the South Robert Campbell Highway. We stopped for supper at a pull out. I had made venison stew and had put it into a thermos for us. It was warm, sunny and a wonderful family evening. We drove until almost 11pm and then pulled over into another pull out. I had packed our air mattress and sleeping bags and we all slept the night in our quad trailer. It was a funny night with Hunter sleeping with us. He didn't fall asleep very quickly- instead he kicked at the covers and kept giggling. Eventually we all slept, although I woke up a few times listening to the rain hit our trailer.

Tuesday morning we got up and packed away all of our stuff. Hunter and I played in the truck learning about electric windows while Matt finished up outside. Matt then put Hunter into the car seat and was heading around to his side of the truck. I had just made Hunter a bottle and got out of the truck to hop into the back seat. Well shit... the door is locked!! So I grabbed my door again... holy fuck-a-roo it is locked too! Matt tried his side and OH MY GOD I HAVE LOCKED MY SON IN THE TRUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! So I stood on the side of the road with my sons bottle in my hand and bawled my eyes out!! We were 60km north of Watson Lake with our son strapped into the car seat and us outside! I suck! As Matt was trying to break the window with a rock a truck came by and he had a hammer. We busted the window, I stopped crying, put a quilt in the window and continued on our merry little way. Hunter thought this whole even was a riot. He giggled the whole time Matt was banging away on the window. What an easy going kid. After about 100km, I was able to laugh about it, although I still felt like a horrible mom. I called my sister-in-law in Fort Nelson and she found a place to replace the window for us- only $200! I was expecting much worse.

We left Fort Nelson on Wednesday morning and we went from beautiful spring weather to frickin winter again. A drive that normally takes us about 4 hours, took us over 8. We have a bush radio in our truck, so we were listening to all of the truckers. They were either pulling over for the day, or putting on their chains. It was horrible out. We pulled over at a rest stop for a break. Matt was outside talking to some Americans who weren't too impressed with the weather either. Hunter was standing at the steering wheel practicing his driving. Matt opened the door without seeing that Hunter was there and my son did a cartwheel out the door!! Matt caught him before he hit the ground, but he did hit the running board. So we are definitely not winning Parents Of The Year for 2008.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. We spent the day in Grande Prairie shopping and getting our camper. We went out for supper with my parents and Auntie. My parents took our truck home with Hunter and Matt and I had a date night to the movies. On the way home, my mother gave Hunter a bottle. About a minute after he finished it.... he projectile barfed all over the back of our truck. Fun.

Friday we packed our camper and visited friends in Dawson Creek. Good day.

Saturday we drove back up to Fort Nelson and had a great evening with the brother, sister in law, and their little boy. Another good day!

Sunday we drove to Watson Lake and also spent a few hours at the Liard Hot Springs. I love that place. Hunter spent about 40 minutes in the hotsprings and loved every minute of it. What a hoot! Good day again!

Monday morning around 5am I gave Hunter a bottle while we were in bed in our camper. He barfed it everywhere. At 7am I gave him a bit more.... and he barfed that everywhere too- but mainly on me. We ate lunch in another pull over on the Robert Campbell highway- Hunter had yams and apple sauce. About an hour later I am looking at Hunter in my visor mirror. He grins at me and then projectile barfs everywhere. I am yelling at Matt to pull over- he doesn't know what is wrong- he had looked back and only saw Hunter grinning. Soooo.... barf barf barf everywhere. Nice and orange too. What a mess. So we cleaned all of that up, let Hunter play on the hood of our truck, and then got back on the road. I was so happy to finally make it home!

Hunter kept throwing up all week. He kept putting his fingers down his throat and then barfing. Matt was over in Haines Junction working, so I took him down to the nursing station and they said he has a bit of an ear/throat infection. So onto the antibiotics. Poor little gopher. But no barfing yesterday! Hurray!

So it has been quite the week! I am glad I am back in my lovely home in Faro.

Here are the pictures from our adventurous week! (in the wrong order!)

After the massive barf Hunter was playing on the hood of the truck!

I think it will take a lot of bug wash to get this off!

Our nice unit!

Having fun on the truck

A wolf we saw on the way home:

Going for a ride with Granny in the razer:

Me and my boy at the hot springs:

With dad at the springs:

Cute as can be!

Happy family time:

The bad weather on the way down:

Even worse weather on the way down: (it got even worse after this!)

Hunter telling us he will get us through the bad weather:

Attacking his Auntie Kathy at supper:

Fun with Uncle Ken:

Eating on the side of the road on the way down:

Matt eating stew at the pull out:

My boys:

Our night in the quad trailer!

And my fuck up. The quilt actually worked quite well!!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

The pictures are not working! What a story. I'm still laughing.

deiss said...

Wow. I really wouldn't have expected anything less from you! :)

Way Way Up said...

Sounds like quite the trip/adventure!

Aida said...

great pictures. not typing lots here cause i am about to kill Frank, he spilled cranberry juice on my keyboard, read on the blog.