Thursday, May 22, 2008

Natural Consequences

Hunter and Tweak are very entertaining to watch. Hunter loves to pull Tweaks tail, hair, whiskers, etc. We have been waiting for the cat to have enough and swat Hunter. We have left the two of them alone to figure this out for themselves; natural consequence I like to think of it as. The cat has finally started to fight back a little with a couple of swats to the side of Hunters head and a little nibble or two to his fingers. It hurt Hunters feelings at first (she didn't use claws, so no bodily harm was done), but now Hunter thinks it is a game. And the cat isn't any better. She gets pissed off that they boy is attacking her, but then she goes and lays right in front of him and flicks her tail in his face. Ah well. The two of them will figure out who is boss soon enough. My money is on the cat.

Going for the tail:

The "I hate you" look:

The "I am going to rub my ass on your pillow when you aren't looking" look:

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Trudie said...

I'm sure those two will sort it out - eventually. I've seen so many cats do the exact same thing - the "come hither" moves with the tail...
And you're the right thing in letting Hunter learn from experience with the cat - one scratch is worth an untold number of admonitions from you or Matt.