Monday, April 28, 2008

And we're off again!

Tonight we are starting the drive down south to go and pick up our camper! I am so excited to have a camper. It will make for a really nice summer.

We are leaving tonight when Matt is done work. He is doing some casual work for the health centre here. We are going to drive the South Campbell highway (errr goat trail??) to Watson Lake. We are towing our nice quad trailer and are going to sleep in that tonight. Then we will drive down to my folks place on Tuesday. It should be a nice drive and hopefully the boy isn't too grumpy during the drive.

We are picking up the camper, buying some supplies for it and some yard work stuff. Matt has a nice list of things like rakes and shovels so we can work on our yard. Still hard to believe I have a real yard with tress and grass. Pretty exciting stuff! Then we are driving back up on the weekend. We are going to visit with my brother in Fort Nelson and see how big my nephew is! Then off to Liard Hotsprings to camp for a night. And finally home again.

Matt isn't booked to work again until the 20th, so we will have lots of time to work on our yard and hopefully get another camping weekend in.


c'est moi said...

sounds like life is going well out west! the spawn is growing. don't let him get to close to those hot springs! he might morph!

Aida said...

have fun! i am green with envy with the road, the yard, the trees and the grass!