Friday, May 9, 2008

The Boy and Stuff

Two posts in one day! Holy Toledo!

Hunter is growing so fast. He was 10 months on April 15th. So that makes him 10 and a half months already. He is crawling like a mad man and his favorite thing to get into is the cat food. Chasing the cats around the house is also becoming a favorite pastime. Surprisingly, Tweak lets him grab her and climb over her. When she has enough she runs away. Freak allows Hunter to get a bit close, but then she is smart and runs away! He is almost 20lbs and 73cm long. I know, I know, I know, mixing metric and imperial!

He word of the last two weeks has been: oooooooouuuuuu. So cute! He little lips pushed out making that noise. No more mamamam or dadaada it is all oooouuuu. I put him in the swing at the playground behind our house and he was all smiles and giggles.

Today we are going on a play date with his girlfriend and her brothers! Her name is Josie and she is just 4 days younger than Hunter. She is cute as a button! Her brothers are 2 and 5 I think. Really nice young family that we are getting to know.

We are also taking my booties to the visitor centre today. It is open and they let you sell your goods there for free! I have made lots of booties and they are so cute! I hope some sell. This week is the Sheep and Crane Festival here and I guess quite a few people come into town for it. The next time we go through Whitehorse I will be taking my booties to a store that wants to sell them and I will talking to some other people about selling them at their stores as well.

Matt is on his way back from Haines Junction. He has a week off, and then is booked to work here for the next month. It will be good to have him home for so long!

So more pictures!

Plotting his escape:

Realizing that escape is impossible:

Well hello there kitty kitty!

Here... let me pull that ear off for you:


Fawn said...

Those last two pictures are too funny!

How much do you sell your cute booties for?

Indigo said...

Please Send me your snail mail address. I have something here I want to send to you.

You could start an online business with those booties, me thinks.