Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Long Weekend

Last weekend we went out to Drury Creek Campground on Little Salmon Lake. It started so nice. We were out at the lake by Friday at noon and the weather was warm and sunny. We got set up, had a bit of a problem with our propane, but a new friend from Faro fixed it for us. But that evening the rain started and did not end!! We came home Sunday afternoon after being rained out. Even with the rain we had a very nice time and Hunter loved his first camping weekend in the camper.

We put him in the playpen outside to reduce the rock/dirt eating:

He LOVED looking at the fire. Just like mommy:

Naked baby in the camper:

We put a tarp and some mats on the ground for Hunter to play on. Kept him off the wet ground and again reduced that amount of rocks/dirt that was ingested:

Sticks proved to be tasty too:

Little Salmon Lake

Dad and his boy at the lake:

Mom and her boy at the lake:

The campground:

Camping was exhausting!


Fawn said...

LOL, love the last pic. That fresh air will get ya every time!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Drury Creek? Was that on Drury Lane? Did you see the Muffin man?

deiss said...

I used to eat dirt. My mom was concerned enough to talk to the doctor and he said as long it was no more than a cup a day I was okay. Well, obviously, I ate more than a cup because we both know what I'm like. :P