Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A few weekends ago Faro held its annual Crane and Sheep Viewing Festival. The weekend was full of speakers of all sorts (scientists, naturalists, photographers, etc). There were numerous guided walks on different topics around town. A shuttle took loads of people out to the sheep viewing station where even more activities were taking place. There was a community bbq/potluck, pancake breakfast, crafts for kids.... my gosh the list could go on and on! We were very impressed with how well organized the weekend was and how many families attended the event. It was nice to see so many kids and parents walking around the streets of Faro.

And right on time were the Cranes! We could hear them at night the week before the festival and during the day there were black patches of them in the sky.

And here is a nice blurb about the cranes by yourYukon and Environment Canada


Treena said...

Hey Kara!

Congrats on the move! I too have fell behind in my blog reading. :-( It sounds like you're really loving it so that's great! I'm so jealous you have trees!! Will be checking in to see how you guys are doing.

Take care,

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Looks like a picture of dirt. :P Seriously, I'm jealous. I love cranes.