Monday, May 19, 2008

Reflecting on Mommy-hood

Hunter is approaching eleven months old and what an amazing year it has been. A year ago I was scared shitless, mostly from another mom back in Kugluktuk telling me horror stories. She went on about how you would be lucky to get a shower once ever three days, you shouldn't socialize anymore (just stay home I guess!), nothing would be the same, your house would be a mess all the time, blah blah blah!! Then we would watch as her and her husband would bicker to the point I didn't want to be there anymore about how to raise their kid. They yelled so much! What an unhappy person/place to be around. I was so worried that I was going to turn out like them!

But, mommy-hood has been spectacular. I should have known it would be. I am a happy, outgoing person and I have a happy, outgoing son. I get a shower everyday (although, I have to put the garbage can, toilet brush, and plunger up high!). We socialize a lot (and it doesn't harm our family!). And while life certainly isn't the same (so much is better!), we still have much the same schedule just with a baby in tow! And the messy house- well you know- it is cleaner now then before I had Hunter!! I think that is because he puts everything in his mouth, so I am turning into a floor cleaner extrordinaire! Matt and I have never felt closer as a husband and wife and our home is a wonderful place!

Anyone out there becoming a mom and worried- put those worries away. It is the best thing you can do. Not to say I haven't cried (in the beginning with little sleep I had a few tears, but it wasn't that bad- more hormones I think), but I look at my son and thank God for blessing us with him. I even got over my fear of poo and my sympathic barfing syndrome.... I have changed the nastiest diapers ever and had barf all over me. So far, so good though.

Advice for those of you out there- tell expectant mommies the good stories. Don't fill their heads with your own problems.


deiss said...

Awww... *hugs* What a wonderful journey you're on. I'm so glad that I get to share it with you from afar. Miss you sooooooooo much. Love you guys!

Indigo said...

Wonderful blog and great advice for any wanting to be parents. Your family life is so full and joyous. Makes me wish there were blogs around 30 years ago. Wait, I don't think pcs were even around thirty years ago!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

You lie. There's no way you take a shower everyday. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE. Oh wait, you only have ONE child. Wait until you have two. Your social life goes to hell in a handbag. Your hair grows to your feet because you never have time for a haircut and your favorite line to your husband is "Don't even think about it buddy, it's because of YOU my life is so miserable!". Hehe. Seriously, life is better with kids. It doesn't change all that much. And, contrary to what people told me when I was preggo with Joe, it is easier with 2. And housework? Smouswork. As long as the floors are clean and sharp objects are out of reach, the rest falls into place. :)

jen said...

You're a great mom!

Aida said...

hahah, i second Tina, 1 child is easy peasy though honestly even with 1 child, i dont think its a death sentence, definitely a lot to adjust from being a couple to being 3, i guess some ppl look at 3's a company or 3's a crowd right.

but going from 1 to 2, well taht is a whole different thing but its more of a balancing act and now Ben is 4 months, it isnt as bad, though he is still resisting some routine but still i get twice the hugs and twice the kisses and it makes it really worth it!there is something very satisfying in a weird way that when Ava falls down and hurts herself, she looks at me and points to her "bu bu" and when i kiss it, she lights up like saying its all better now..priceless.