Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That Damn Bear.

I have reoccurring bear dreams. I get them at least once a month and have had for years. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a grizzly chewing on my head. It is just after midnight and I have just had another that scared me awake so bad I doubt I will be asleep any time soon.

So this one....

I am asleep with my husband in bed. But instead of being in our house, we are in a bit of "redneck special" trailer; it is long, narrow and really old. While I am in bed, I start to have a panic attack about a bear (of course a huge grizzly) outside the trailer. The panic attack is so overwhelming my whole body is shaking. Throughout the panic attack I am trying to tell my husband that we need to get bars put on the outside of all of the windows. He tells me I am crazy and to go back to sleep. Just when I fall asleep he leaps out of bed, pulls the blankets off, and when I look at him he has my 12 gauge shotgun in hand telling me to get up!! The bear got in! Well I was so scared in the dream I woke up scared shitless.

I guess the boy could sense that because he woke up a second later squealing looking for a snack.

So dreams specialists out there.... tell me how messed up I am. Or how to make the bears go away. I have had a few bear encounters in real life, but none of them tried to eat me.

Oh yes. And there was background music during this dream. I could hear Pearl Jam's song "Lay down your ar ar arms... and surrender to meee". Hmmm perhaps the bear was singing to me.


jen said...

That does sounds scary! I have one of those special recurring dreams, only mine is always about a Tornado. In my dream I'm always gathering up all my worldly crap and trying get it into the basement. I guess I don't really have to worry about tornadoes up north, so I have no idea why I have them. I chalk it up to stress. Are you stressed?

jen said...

I forgot to add this.
Convince yourself that the next time you meet the bear in your dreams you are going to kick it's ass. Next time shoot it! Maybe it will stop coming around. I did that once with a "boogie man" dream. I told myself I was going to kick it's ass next time it appeared in my dreams. It really worked. I'm not crazy! lol

Trish said...

I will have dreams that my brakes don't work, someone is chasing me and I can't move, or there is an alligator somewhere. Don't know why alligator, the closest I have come to one of them is at a zoo and those ones have only been about 4 feet long.
I usually have stressful dreams when I am stressed out about something, or something is not going the way I want it to, or am very concerned about something. Maybe that could be it?
I agree with Jen, need to kick its ass!! I do that from time to time with the alligators :-)

Aida said...

taht sounds scary but i'll take bear anytime over threesomes! yes you heard me right, when i was pregnant with Ben, i always dreamt of threesomes, no its not a fantasy, i think they are pretty gross.

and now the baby is 3 months and i am still dreaming of a threesome? its starting to get super annoying, i guess the head didnt get the memo the baby is out, no longer need weird pregnancy dreams.