Monday, April 7, 2008

New Favorite Baby Item

I have found some really great baby products. This is one of my favorites!

Here is Hunter chewing on his food soother:

The little gadget screws together and even locks. The base is freezable so you can keep food chilled:

You shove food into it and then baby can chew away without choking. Here it is with cantaloupe in it:

Screwed together:

I found this thing at toys'r'us. They don't have the same one available on-line, but it looks similar.


In Iqaluit said...

Thanks for the great baby gear tip! Keep them coming if you find something else that is handy, or a sanity-saver!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

It still reminds me of a dog Kong. I DO have a baby item / money saving tip: When I buy baby wipes, I always add a little extra water, baby soap and baby oil to the bottom of the container. I then press the wipes into it to soak it up and then flip them over. Makes them much wetter so you don't use as much! I have also been known to make my own wipes when the Northern was out of them by cutting a roll of Bounty paper towel in half and filling up a wipes container with the above liquid combo about a 1/3 of the way and doing the same thing. I find it only works with Charmin because, well, "its the strong one"

Nunavummiut said...
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Nunavummiut said...

Cool, I want one of these for myself! There's some days when I'm just too lazy to swallow.

Haha just kidding, but that thing is pretty engenius!


(p.s. I made a stupid typo in the first comment so I deleted it.)

Nunavummiut said...

Okay, apparently I REALLY can't spell "ingenious"! I give up. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are such a cool gadgets! I wish I had them when Patrick was a baby. I sure do miss him being a baby.. Now he's 3 years old. He does more damage then when he was a year younger. Smart boy..Your baby should be one soon? Enjoy while he is still baby. They are so prescious and rich of love more then money. You will never forget them.