Friday, March 28, 2008

Life Without TV

We attempted to get our satellite hooked up when we moved here. Our neighbour tried very hard to get it all aligned just right, but alas, no signal. After a while I didn't notice there was no tv... but man I sure did notice how much more time I had! So when Matt came home we just decided to leave the satellite alone for now. Perhaps we will hook it up this fall when it is cold and dark. We have been watching the news online and I found a place to download my addiction- LOST. I am hooked on that show and cannot miss a week. We have watched a few movies, but that has been it. I also downloaded some of Stuart MacLeans Vinyl Cafe and am in love with it. I think I need to buy the cd's. Hunter is asleep by 7pm and Matt and have now have a few hours to really enjoy. I have been making kids beaver boots in the evenings, I am now thinking about selling a few pairs. I just ordered my new sewing machine and have an idea for some other kids boots that I am going to make when we pick it up.

I promise another post soon with more pictures of town and the boy!


Way Way Up said...

It took us forever to get our dish up so I feel your pain. It was camped out in our tiny livingroom for the better part of two months. When we finally found a weekend where we had time to get the thing on the house, it was blowing snow something fierce. Strangely, now that it is up and (usually) working, I don't really find myself watching all that much television.

Aida said...

oooo, you absolutely hv to teach me how to sew those boots, i do hv a pattern and stuff but i dont know how to sew fur.

Lana said...

you can download stewart mcleans stories as a free podcast - check out the cbc website under the vinyl cafe or go to podcasts in the itunes store. I subscribe to this podcast and then save them up for when I drive home by my self. They help keep me awake. Have a great day!

trish said...

Hi, there. I am sorry to post this as a comment; I could not find another way of contacting you.
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Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Hea there. Let me know when you are ready to start selling them and I will send you Colby and Joey's sizes. :) Maybe the sizes of my twin neices for christmas presents too.

Anonymous said... has lots and lots of tv shows and movies for streaming! you may not need cable even in the fall!!