Sunday, April 6, 2008

Little Man Update

Still no crawling!!! Hunter is driving us mad. He tries so hard to crawl, but then just gets mad and squawks loudly. He can go all around the place pushing himself backwards, but nothing forward yet.

Feeding time is also interesting as he thinks he can do it all on his own now. What a mess! This is when I wished I owned a dog that would just come over and lick the floor clean. Cats are useless in that area.

Matt has been home for the last few weeks and it has been so nice to have him around. Hunter has loved his daddy time, especially for baths!

Nothing much else new with the little guy other than tooth number 7 is through and number 8 should be in soon. So instead of me rambling, here are pictures of him!

He can get himself up on hands/knees and hands/feet, but not much for movement yet:

Look Ma! No hands! The boy is standing holding on to everything now.

Mommy, leave me along with that damn camera.

Elmer Fudd (the boy, not Matt)

Hunter, not overly impressed that I took him outside in his Elmer Fudd outfit:

Right up until last week I was able to pack him, but it is too warm here now

Veggin' with dad

He loves his horse!!

Enjoying the snow while it lasts

Mmmmm... toy


deiss said...

I finally got my Christmas card today. Thanks! Hee hee...

Indigo said...

I really want to see a closeup of that glass cabinet in the background with all your treasures. I looks like a JYSK cabinet. I have been looking for something similiar for just the same purpose.

Aida said...

he'll crawl in his own time :-) you'd wish he will stop crawling on command cause they get into EVERYTHING!

and when he starts walking, you guys better hv strong legs. Avarayna decides it was way fun walking all around Rankin airport when our flight was delayed and she walked for 4 SOLID HOURS!!! brutal!