Sunday, April 6, 2008

Those Damn Cats...

We have bad cats. They are really bad.

A couple of nights ago Tweak, the grey one, knocked a glass off of the counter. Scared the shit out of me.

Freak, the white one, is in love with Hunters crib and change pad.

They are both in deep, deep shit for what they did a few weeks ago. I went to Edmonton for a wedding and they were home alone. They took the opportunity to tell us how mad they were by shitting and pissing in my Canada Goose parka. They didn't use the litter box all weekend. I was ready to have some nice white and grey mittens after that.

Tweak got into the hamburger thawing on the counter yesterday and feasted.

They are both clawing up my nice area rug in the living room.

Tweak seems to enjoy yowling at night after we go to sleep.

Freak loves my side of the bed and leaves kitty litter in it. She also likes to wake me up at 2 in the morning by putting her little kitty litter paws on my cheeks and gently poking her claws into me.

These poor little kittens are going to be turned into mittens before anyone can find them!

Tweak loves Hunters toys almost as much as he does:

Freak wouldn't move out of the crib when we put Hunter in. She took flying lessons after this picture:

Snack time:


Way Way Up said...

I grew up with cats in the house and I briefly had one a few years ago. I'm not sure I could ever be a cat owner. Too stubborn for me. My aunt and uncle in Europe have cats and when I was visiting them last summer I woke up many mornings to find the one cat licking and drooling on the back of my head. I guess it liked the stubbley texture but the thing always freaked me out.

jen said...

lol My kitties got into the thawing ground beef the other night too!

However, Tallinn still creates the biggest problems for me. The other night he mad a trip into the kitchen and tore apart the garbage. He made it back to bed and through the rest of the night without disturbing us. I woke up with garbage all over the kitchen and big doe eyes "what? I was in bed was the cats, I swear!".

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Cats are evil. :)

deiss said...

It's alllllll karma :P