Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nine Months

Today Hunter is nine months old!

He can:
- clap his hands when we sing "when you're happy and you know it" and "patty cake"
- wave to everyone
- say "dadaada" and he whispers something like "aat" when he sees the cats
- can push himself up onto all fours from his tummy
- push himself backwards all along the floor
- push himself around the house on his ride-on toy
- feed himself various foods

He eats:
- everything! Tonight he had my moms homemade venison sausage and he loved it! His favorite meals are moose stew and homegrown-chicken soup. I make all of his food, well pretty much he just eats whatever we are, but his goes through the little blender first.

He loves:
- going around the house on his ride-on toy
- pulling the cats tail
- trying whatever mommy is eating
- sitting on the washing machine in spin cycle
- standing on the windowsill looking outside
- going for walks in his stroller
- going for walks tucked in the amouti

New found fun:
- being tossed onto the down comforter by dad
- riding on moms back in a sling
- stealing the spoon while we try to feed him

This little man of ours is splendid! And he just gets cuter everyday:

Our little mechanic:

Going for a walk with mom in the turtle toque:

Unleashing his toothy fury on the polar bear:

Hanging out in the sling:

Mom! You forgot to tell me to smile!


Anonymous said...

Wow where has the 9 months gone already? He looks so different sicne we seen him a week ago, Ethan is missing him a lot. Ethan is asking for you to give him a big hug and kiss for him. Miss you guy see you soon

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

9 months! Holy smokes! Love the turtle hat! And funny enough, I have a picture of Colby playing mechanic just like that!

Aida said...

beautiful pictures and i think he will traumatised with the turtle hat when he grows up thinking my mommy brought me out in that? lol

In Iqaluit said...

He is so absolutely adorable! You can tell he has a cool personality too! You must be oh so proud!