Monday, March 10, 2008

About Faro

I have had a very people ask more about Faro and what it has to offer!

- Yes, Shelley, we do have high(er) speed internet. It is still Northwestel, but it is much better that Qiniq was.
- I have a phone that does not have the dreadful 3 second delay.
- RCMP station (2 members)
- a library (Hunter is signed up for the Dolly Parton book club! heehhe seriously!)
- k-12 school (50'ish kids)
- liquor store
- hardware/grocery store (small selection, but prices are pretty good)
- hotel
- restaurant
- oodles of B&B's
- conservation officer
- some kind of government building... I know the liquor store is in there and I think that is where I will go to get my new drivers license...
- post office
- beautiful tourist building
- a road out
- trees
- so far haven't seen a single drunk person walking the street
- lots of friendly people
- oh! A huge rec centre and a big arena
- a golf course that goes all through town

hmmm I know there is more.... The one thing we are missing is a gas station. It burned down in the fall, but there is talk about a new one this summer.

AND the big bonus: there is more super cheap housing here!! Come and be my neighbour! For $50-$60k you can get a big house and with a few renos it would be great!


Trish said...

I love how one of the things your town has is 'a road out' :-)

How far do you have to go to get gas then? or is there a makeshift one?

Congrats on your new home, I hope you have a great time living there!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

You can go to Ross River, about an hour away, to get gas. Since our new truck is a diesel we can go from Whitehorse to here and back without filling up!

Thanks Trishy! Come and visit us anytime!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Your little town has more than here! And if we can convince the Northern to put a store there we are SOO there!

Aida said...

i think you got me sold on the "faster internet" and road out, and maybe the tress Now I just need to find work!

Shelley said...

What a hoot, a liquor store but no gas station! The no-delay phone AND faster internet has me jealous already!

Way Way Up said...

A big house AND a liquor store to put it all in?! Sign me up :)

Courtney said...

can you please post! i am home sick and i have checked your blog a million times for an update :)