Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bloggers are nice!

Bloggers are super nice. I have "met" some great people through blogs who have done some really nice things for us!

Go and check out Molly. She kindly mailed me some pepper seeds! Thank you Molly! They have arrived in the mail and I am dying to build a greenhouse and get them started!

And if you haven't been to read about Tina yet- go and check her out. She is a riot! She recognized my husband from the blog in the Yellowknife airport and she ran right up to him and said hi! She just mailed us a huge parcel of baby clothes and cloth diapers. Oh, and also a super duper cute toque... more on that later.

And Jen is sending me a little something to attach to my amouti.

And this doesn't even cover all of the great comments people leave here for us! Thanks bloggers!

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