Monday, March 24, 2008

Around Faro

We went for a nice long walk today to enjoy the +2 weather and to take pictures of town. Here is a tour!

We have recycling facilities:

Our fire/ambulance/rescue department

Old ATCO camp:

Our favorite people: The RCMP

I think this was the gas station...

Me enjoying the great weather

This was the grocery store that closed I think last summer

This is the hardware store that now also sells a bit of groceries

We have a golf course that runs all through town

Town office

There are a lot of rundown buildings around town. They seem like such a fire hazard, we don't know why they just aren't demolished

And the streets are paved with... PAVEMENT!

Visitor Info Centre


The liquor store/territorial agent

Recreation Centre

K-12 school. About 50 kids here

Library and Yukon College

The little man enjoying the stroller

Happy little guy in his new sunglasses

Post Office and Conservation Officer next door. The rest of the place is empty

So many of the town houses here are empty. Want to come and buy them?


Courtney said...

me again!
ok, so is there another grocery store? or do you have to drive to whitehorse? i guess matt can bring some too since he travels in and out.

also, where is YOUR COAT? haha. i know that feeling, positive temperatures feel like the tropics after a long cold winter.

please more pics of your neighborhood etc. you never know, us northerners (joe and i) might be moving some day soon!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

What a cute little town! It looks like you have everything you need, all except a Northern!

Way Way Up said...

Looks like quite the little place. Am I correct in assuming there are a lot of derelict or extra useable houses as a result of the mining activity Faro used to have? We have a pile of derelict buildings here too so I know they can be quite the eyesore. Good looking school. I'm surprised by its size for a small number of students.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Hey Way Way Up!

You are right. The mine went down the tubes in the late nineties. The school was built prior to that when the community numbered over 2000. We have the best recreation facilities outside of Whitehorse!

There is so much housing here that is such an eyesore. Apartment complexes, town houses and whole homes. You can move here and pick up a house anywhere between $40k and $90k.

Aida said...

i was just thinking, after living in Nunavut, going out in that weather without your coat is I was walking around winnipeg, pregnant with Ben (the little heater) in just my tshirt and everyone was staring, if they only knew how warm I was.

very nice pics and you are lucky, your little boy will keep his shades on.