Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our House

We found a great house in Faro to buy. It is huge- 2300sq.ft with six bedrooms and two large bathrooms. All of the rooms are decent size, but the bathrooms are really amazing! The one upstairs has a two person corner soaker tub, and the one downstairs could fit two people as well! We have a fireplace in the living room and windows that look out to mountain views. The kitchen needs a good overhaul, we want to knock down a wall in the basement to make a large rec room, and we have to shingle to roof. Matt also wants to do a lot of landscaping in the backyard.

So here are some pictures of the place!

The upstairs hallway:

The back of our house and yard:

Front of our house and our new truck and trailer!

Our living room is getting set up slowly! I can't wait to paint!

Mountain View:

Looking out my dining room window:

Our dining room:

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Ooooo! Where's my room?