Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Courtney

Hi Courtney!!
Sorry you are home sick and bored! But I will try to entertain you a bit.

We are all down here in Edmonton right now. Some friends of ours that we knew back in Hay River just got married this weekend. Matt met me here from work and the boy and I flew down on our own. I was worried a bit to travel on my own with Hunter, but he was so good. The kid really loves strangers. And the stranger, the better. He has his wave down now, so he waves to all of the strange people and they love it. He gets that from me for sure. I am the super social, friendly one out of me and Matt (I am also the super high strung one, so hopefully Hunter doesn't get that as well).

We have had a busy weekend so far. The wedding was beautiful; Leanne and Brian both looked spectacular. Hunter was quiet the whole time, checked out all of the boobies in the place and only tried to lift up one womans dress. I did a bit of shopping, we hooked up with my friend Wayne for lunch, and had our friends Lynne and Darryl babysit while we went on a date to the movies! Poor Matt came down with a bit of the flu or something yesterday and hasn't been the happiest camper. I got my hair cut and look wonderful.

Tomorrow Matt is going to get his H2S course done and the boy and I are just going to hang out. We are flying back to Whitehorse tomorrow night and then we will drive home to Faro on Tuesday after doing some shopping.

So life isn't that exciting, but it is sure nice to see Matt again! He has 10 days off and then goes back in for another three weeks. When I get home I will make sure to put up some new pictures of the munchkin.

Feel better Courtney!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Wow. A real date. Lucky you. We head to Hay River on Tuesday. Maybe we will see your friends! We google mapped our new house and we will be living across from a baseball field! Colby is super excited!

Courtney said...

THANK YOU! i was so happy to see a post, i almost missed the title, dedicated to me! i am so glad you guys are enjoying your time in edmonton. i wonder if i gave my germs to matt through cyberspace? i hope he feels better soon!

i am going to work today (yes i checked your blog before i left for work!) but i have barely eaten since last tuesday. we will see how teaching goes this morning. hehe.

hi baby hunter. i am so glad you are a good traveller! you can come visit us in yellowknife!

Anonymous said...

It was a real date but should have been longer, make sure when you get down again you go longer this time. LOL Crying or not he was a fun little guy adn I will email the picutes and video later today. Miss you guys already.