Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh my. The skin.

I have nearly lost 130 in the last 21 months.  The weight loss has been in one hell of a stall for the last seven months, but I am happy to know that I am able to maintain a weight for such a long period.

But the skin.  I was shocked when I looked at photos from last weekend when I was in my swim suit and jumping off the dock.  My house doesn't have a full length mirror in it, so I don't have the opportunity to really see what my body looks like other than photos.  I loved every minute of jumping off the dock with my kids and friends, but when I saw what my body looked liked, I felt embarrassed.  Not embarrassed enough to keep me from doing it again right now or to hide the pictures, but enough that the guilt I feel over the amount of money we are spending on my skin removal surgery diminished quite a bit.

Silly, right?  I should feel proud at what I have accomplished.  But instead I feel embarrassed at the flopping skin.  When I see it, I wonder how the hell I was ever running or playing squash with it flopping and flapping around.  I feel like the saggy-baggy elephant.

My surgery is in just three months and I cannot wait!  I hope the surgeon is able to take care of a lot of the loose flopping skin and I can feel more comfortable with my new, smaller body.

Skin in the upwards and outwards motion...  Not so pretty!


Fawn said...

But those looks like some amazing calf muscles!!

Megan said...

You are going to be HOT STUFF. Even more than you already are.

Elaina said...

Holy crap your leg muscles are amazing!!! I'm soooo envious.

Anonymous said...

Like most physical attributes we don't like--you are the only one who notices the flapping skin. The rest of us just see Kara for who she really is.