Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Goodbye to Freak: The White Cat

While the kids and I were away camping, a vet was in Faro for a weekend and did a housecall to put down our kitty.  We couldn't have asked for a better way to do it, actually.  The cat has been sick for a long time and with the nearest vet in Whitehorse, we had been putting off this decision for a long time.  The cat hates to travel, so the thought of driving her to Whitehorse to be put down wasn't a pleasant one.

The vet who came to the house said her kidneys were probably failing and while there were options (pills and such) we weren't willing to spend the money and prolong her misery.  The vet agreed this was the best option.  We had been telling the kids for the last few months that she was sick and would probably die soon.  They have taken the news quite well and while they tell us they miss her, they haven't been too upset.

So, Freak: The White Cat, you were a great cat.  Lazy as a cat should be, obsessed with your food, and demanding of at least one-third of our bed space.  You hated my mother and went to any length to terrorize her whenever she came to visit (which Matt really loved).  Your antics kept us entertained for the last ten years and you will be missed by our entire family.  You will be remembered forever, partially because of the hair you have left behind in our house!


Tweak and Freak eyeing up a dog... 

This bed is all for me, right?

Fully relaxed!

Not the smartest of creatures by far.

This cat lived in all three territories! 

She dreamed of more travel, but could never bring herself to leave the north.

Starving at all times.

Freak and Tweak

Freak- friend to all wildlife.  Well, dead ones anyways.

Freak: The White Cat

We love toys!

All settled in for nap time.

Baby Hunter and Freak

Toddler Hunter and Freak. 

We will miss you, crazy kitty!


Allmycke said...

When I moved to town 5 years ago, I left behind Fatso - my ginger, neutered, opinionated old fart of a cat. (He was put down some time later since the X had a new girlfriend with attached Chinese Crested dog...)
Cats are personalities all the way to the tip of their tails, and I fully understand how much you'll miss her.

Holly said...

OMG that picture of toddler Hunter with Freak - looks like it could be a picture of Mason!!!
Sorry for your loss Hon. The new kitties will sure help!