Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden: 2 Months

The hot weather has not only been good for camping, it is has made my garden turn into a little northern jungle!  Everything has done amazing, except for the broccoli and cabbage plants that were given to me.  We have had a few feeds of potatoes and the kids are stealing carrots out of the garden all the time.  Tomorrow I am going to do my first pick of peas!

My first batch of swiss chard, I cut and dried in my dehydrator.  When done, I had three big ziplock bags of it ready to be crushed and mixed into soups, stews and casseroles this winter.  I have been cutting lettuce and mixed greens and giving away and even selling a few bags since I was completely overrun.

I am dreaming of another year or so down the road when I have a green house and can grow cucumbers and zucchini!  A neighbour brought me over a couple of eating cucumbers that we inhaled.  She also gave us an icecream bucket of pickling cucumbers.  I made sliced dills with those!


Lots of little tomatoes that I hope will start to ripen soon.

Beets in the back and second run of swiss chard in the front.

Carrots are growing and the kids are stealing them whenever they are playing.

Peas as far as the eye can see!

My beans are going to be ready in another week or so.

I have already picked about 4lbs of potatoes from my garden.

More tomatoes!

The world's smallest broccoli!

Cabbage fail!
Dehydrating swiss chard.

Sliced dill pickles now stashed for a few months until they are ready.


Way Way Up said...

Ah Chard! Its the surname of a gal I dated in my teenagers and an alternate name for the last community I taught in. Granted the place was a complete dump but the gal was cute. Anyway, yes, it's late and this comment has no real

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Jeez! Can I come and visit???