Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adventure Time Again!

The little boys and I are off of an adventure again!

This time we are heading to Whitehorse for a week.  For five days both boys will be attending daycamp at the Canada Games Centre.  Then Hunter will also have half a day of circus camp next Saturday!  We are going to camp at a campground just outside of town for the week along with two other mommies and their rugrats who are also attending camp. 

My plans for the week while the kids are in camp?  Tea breaks, some back-to-school and grocery shopping, a lot of reading in the sun, and hopefully some visiting with friends!

Then next Sunday, if the weather is still looking good, we are going to hit up another campground for a few days.  Matt is on-call almost the entire time we are gone, so he won't be joining us; it is just a mom and kid adventure!

Once we return to Faro, it will be a quick clean of the camper, loading of the quads and hunting gear, and then heading out to look for a moose or caribou on the long weekend.  Hurray!  My favorite season, hunting season, is here!

Have a great week everyone!

Adventure time for mama and boy terrors!  Photo courtesy of Jentography.

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