Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet Battleship and Pumpkin Cat

The house was just too empty with Freak: The White Cat gone.  Tweakers was lonely.  We were all sad. 


We found some kittens in Whitehorse and had them brought home to Faro by a friend.  Four kittens from the litter came to Faro; two kittens came to our house and two kittens went to another family.

Since I found the kittens, I had first dibs on which two I wanted and I picked the two all-black ones.  The other two that went to another family were a grey puff ball and a multi-coloured striped one, which were both very adorable!

It was a complete surprise for the boys and they were both mighty excited.  Although, I think I was more excited than both boys combined.  Come on, KITTENS!  Who couldn't get excited over that?

We ended up letting the boys name the cats.  Hunter originally named his girl kitten War Ship, but we found that very hard to say and it sounded more like worship.  When I tried to shorten it to ship it sounded like a bad word.  Today he agreed to a change to Battleship and we are all happy with that.  Hunter says she is officially Kitty Battleship Went.

Cavan took one look at his black boy kitten and named him Pumpkin Cat.  It is straight from a book we have called, "Pumpkin Cat" where a black cat and a mouse plant a seed that grows into a big pumpkin right in time for Halloween.  Awesome!

The kittens are full of energy and are hell-bent on climbing the curtains right to the ceiling.  So really no different than Hunter and Cavan.  Tweakers is much less impressed, but we are hoping that she will make friends (or at least tolerate them) as time goes by. 


Cavan and Pumpkin Cat

Hunter and Battleship

Hunter reading to both kittens.

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Megan said...

I love black kitties!! I had a black boy kitten in Inuvik and he was the best cat EVER!