Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 nights away

The boys and I (along with two other mamas and their broods) had a fantastic time away.  I spent ten nights in the camper with my boys in perfect weather and I found it hard to leave the campground and head for home!

We spent a week in Whitehorse and the boys got to attend five days of daycamp at the Canada Games Centre.  They loved every day and passed out hard every night.  We went swimming almost every day and bike riding around the campground every evening.  Camping with friends is the best way to do it!

While the kids were at daycamp the moms enjoyed leisurely mornings at Starbucks and Baked Cafe, visiting with WH friends, and exploring every single aisle of Walmart, CT, Dollar Store and SuperStore.  It didn't feel right without having a kid screaming or throwing a tantrum on the floor!

After that one week, we left Wolf Creek Campground and headed up highway to Fox Lake Campground.  I stayed there for another four nights.  It was hot, hot, hot!  Every day I sat in my chair by the dock, read my book, and watched the kids swim their hearts out.

Us mamas are superwomen.  We parked our rv's, ran around town with them, dumped poo out of them, and set them up in two separate campgrounds with no problems and no husbands around!

We will definitely be doing that again next summer!

Rubbermaid bath!

Lounging in the tub.

Cavan and Alex on the shore of Bennet Lake.

The kids even got an afternoon of circus camp!

There were a lot of crazy dock antics!

Not all fun and games!

I am a mean mama and drug my unsuspecting kids off the dock a number of times.

A slew of happy northern kids!

Thanks ladies for such a great time!

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