Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

School started last Wednesday and we had two very excited little boys.  Cavan has been mighty miserable the last two years watching his big brother head to school while he was left behind.  But this is the year!  He is now in K4 and will be going to school every morning. 

Was I sad?  Nope.  No tears here.  Tears from the boys?  Nope, none of those either!  They are happy to go to school and I am happy to have my mornings all to myself.  My plan?  Go back to work?  Naw.  I am taking a year at least before I even begin to think about that.

This year I will be taking my hour each morning to go to the gym.  And the other two hours?  Who knows.  Maybe some sewing, house cleaning, or just tea time.  Being a stay at home mom for the last six years has earned me these three hours of peace and quiet each day!

The Went boys are ready for action!

Bikes ready!

Grade 1 with Miss Fitz!

Cavan with his two best friends!

K4 with Miss Marilyn and Diana!

And this is the grin of a happy mama who now gets three hours a day kid free!


Sarah L said...

Your smile is much bigger than theirs LMAO! Yes, you have earned thos 3 hours a day.

Nita said...

Enjoy your cup of tea! You won't have any trouble at all filling in the time, lol! :)