Sunday, May 1, 2011


Trains. All day we talk about trains. We watch Thomas the Tank Engine, the train episodes of Might Machines and Dinosaur Train (when in Ross River where there is satellite). Meal dishes are lined up as trains, pillows are lined up as trains, kitchen chairs are lined up as trains, anything that can be moved is lined up like a train. We sing train songs- Thomas the tank engine rolling along du du du du du..... Misty Island rescue here we go HERE WE GO... Little boys crawl on their hands and knees making wheeshing, wooshing, peep-peeping, chugging sounds.

Oh my.

I know a lot more than trains that I ever though I would.

Last week another blogger posted a video of the White Pass train route being cleared of snow by the steam train and this amazing snow clearing gadget that goes on the front. We have watched that video over and over.

Last year we took them on a six hour train trip on the White Pass train over the Skagway. Hunter was in heaven. We plan on doing the trip again this year and I think their little heads will explode with glee.

And of course, every day we go down to the basement to play trains. The boys have two wooden track sets that we put together in every possible combination. The train table was too small for our ideas, so we took the building to the floor. I am a master train track builder- enough so that I would call it my third degree and probably my useful to date.

Oh the life of a mom to little boys.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Yet another fantastic track built by mom:


Tina said...

You have a ball pit trampoline! I am sooo coming to visit you.

ExploreNorth said...

Boys are soooo much easier to be a parent to when it's trains that they're focussed on. That's a fabulous track setup you've got! And of course I'm pleased that you've enjoyed my videos :)

Morena said...

I was waiting for train fever to hit here but so far nothing. Great track, I think I'd love doing that.